Real Life Experience

  • Cherish time, keep your bottom line. Sleep is important, do not negotiate with others on  this issue.
  • Don’t tell you have learnt something to others, talk is cheap and that is nonsense. Just do it and show the results to others, which is more persuasive.
  • Never tell others what you are going to do or what you are doing now if you are uncertain whether you can finish them. Tell them until you have completed it.
  • Don’t mix hard-working and laborious.
  • Life is harsh, life is harsh, life is harsh. Think about what you can do now, think about housing and other expenses when you enter into the society. Just concentrate on something worth.
  • How to get into work quickly without any interruption? Just don’t want to have a break before you start to work. You should have a break after a period of work or when it comes the ends of one day. Be productive!

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