[RAY TRACING] 4.Surface physics for ray tracing

Surface physics for ray tracing

1.Light and illumination

Introduces the physics mechanism why object show their color as you see.

Key words: photons, frequency, wavelength, spectra.

These physics principles is fundamental and each student with high school degree should know them.

2. Four mechanisms of light transport

  • Perfect specular reflection
  • perfect diffuse reflection
  • perfect specular transmission
        * total internal reflection
         * optics for transmission
         * Algebraic solution for T
         * Geometric solution for T
  • perfect diffuse transmission

3. Practical reflection and transmission

Section 2 only introduces the simplified model. There are another 2 problems to solve: rough surface and color shifting.

shading model can solve that.

4. A Shading Model

Here we get a shading model which describe the reflected light as a combination of diffuse and specular components. The result is that we get the light that correctly bounced off complex surfaces, and very realistic shading.

5. Faster Shading

The Hall shading model give us a more simple description of shading model which origins from the model above.



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